Thursday, March 19, 2009

The legacy of Indian Armed Forces.

Army Heritage Museum, Annadale Shimla.

The legacy of Indian army is well known around the world, Indian soldiers have proudly gone into battle in every part of the world. The spirit of Indian soldiers cuts across barriers of caste, creed and religion. The Indian Army’s rich tradition is more than 5000 years old. A glimpse of this can be observed at the heritage museum, Annadale, Shimla.

Shimla Annadale

Packed with history, heritage and immense natural beauty, is the small town of Shimla. The town has been a host for whole of the world since ages. No other landmark in Shimla can revive more pleasant memories than the famous ground by the name of Annadale, located in a deep wide valley.

Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy was so impressed with the beauty of the place, that he name it after a young lady with whom he was deeply attached in his boyhood days. Her name was Anna and he combined it with the word ‘dale’, meaning a valley, thus calling the valley as Annadale.

Since its inception in the 1830s, Annadale has been a favorite place for picnic parties, fetes and fancy-fairs, birthday balls, flower and dog shows, races and gymkhanas, polo and football matches and other tournaments hosted on this historical ground.

The Army continues to utilize it for training, disaster management, promote environment awareness and for operational use. To commemorate the Army’s close link with Shimla an Army heritage Museum has been set up at Annadale.

Museum Hangout

Along with the aroma of sweet smelling pines, the ambience of the place creates a perfect environment for a visitor revive the glorious past of the Indian armed forces along with the feeling being in the lap of nature.
Army Heritage Museum is a 20 minutes drive from The Oberoi Cecil at Shimla town. The entrance is marked with an anti-aircraft gun and two artillery guns respectively. Further whole of the area is being divided in different sections along with well maintained grounds. The different sections are as follows:

Army Ethos
Arm and Armor
Peace keeping

Infantry Hall
Shimla Corner

Band Stand


Glass House

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