Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flying high in Himalayas...............

Greetings from Himalayas.
This editon is dedicated to the life thriving in the diverse topographical conditions.
Since the life started thriving and man developed his knowledge around him. Elements of nature has been widely distributed in diverse terrains on the earth. This photo presentation
will surely enhance our knowledge and to admire nature closely. I would also expect your comments about the posts.


Ibdex found in the trans-Himalayas in the tribal district of Spiti
Himalayan white cheeked bulbul

Himalayan black headed green barbet

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Going white over the Himalayas...................

Trekking in Himalayas is a dream for nature lovers and mountaineers and in this edition we I would like to share with you the first trip for year 2008 in the month of April. In fact this was the first trip to open these unbelievable mountains for rest of the world for the first time this year.The credit goes to an adventure travel group whom I have been associated for a long time. A set of professionals providing quality service to the travellers and doing unbelievable stuff.
Photo presentation of a trek in the northern tribal districts of Himachal Pradesh known as Kinnaur and Spiti, so enjoy and I will expect your comments.

Sunrise in Kaza, the district headquarter of Spiti.
Spiti river, starting its course from Himalayas
Maling after Nako, land slide prone area always make difficult to approach Spiti
Roads in these remote regions has always been regarded as life lines.

Gate at Ki monastery in Spiti valley
Prayer wheels at Ki monastery.

Ki monastery from a distance.

Adventrous moments from Himalayas.

These stones are known 'mane' and are found all over in Spiti valley.

Typical tibetan kitchen and the guests and the hosts shares cookery classes