Saturday, July 18, 2015

Up to the source of Giri Ganga

Enjoy a photo travelogue, trekking to the source of River Giri Ganga.

Trek Name: Nagan – Giri Ganga Trek 
Region: Beyond Chaila, District Shimla. H.P (Ghoond to Kharapatthar)
Ideal Season: April – June September – November
Maximum Altitude: 3325m
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 03 Night & 04 Days 

The trek offers to admire one of the remote Himalayan countryside deep into numerous intersecting valleys. Meandering over the ridge line, this ancient route unveils the geologic puzzle where Shivalik mountain system gives way to Greater Himalaya.

Old temples and these ancient routes reveal the deep faith in the mountain Gods here as natives today trek many kilometers to get blessed from these spiritual Himalayan abodes.
Also, a symposium of rare Himalayan flora adores the lush green meadows in the thick clearings. Concluding, at the source of River Giri-Ganga, one of the most sacred rivers of the region, this is the best trekking introduction to unexplored Himachal Himalaya.

Driving 4 hours from Shimla, the trek starts from ridge line hamlet of Nagan in princely state of Balsan. Unfolding numerous tales of valor and devotion to the local deities, the trek used to be the ancient route to take local deities on pilgrimage. 

On day one, the course of trek passes through the shade of thick Brown Oak forest, the perfect temperature for a Himalayan hike. One could still find the traces of the old trail, which must have been quite busy when there were no roads!   

For the early evening suddenly, the trails bring us to a clearing in the forest cover. Enshrined, here is a temple to Hindu Gods and local deities, meadow of 'Dhandi' is perfect for camping.

The mountain tops are crested with temples and religious monuments dedicated to the local Gods and Goddesses. Commanding stunning views of snow- capped Himalaya and numerous interlocked valleys, these are absolute divine places.

Covering long distances the nomads visit these meadows with their herds in summers. The lush green meadows are the shepherds paradise upholding a bonding with nature.

The day's hike finally bring us to a hill-top campsite offering views of deep valleys. In perfect harmony with nature the camp lies right above a small village of 'Teer'. Truly, a Himalayan Retreat!

The forest cover on day three gives way to the lush green meadows of Kuppar. Carpeted with a range of Himalayan wildflowers, the place commands panoramic views of Himachal and Gharwal Himalaya. 

The sharp descend from 'Kuppar', also the source of Giri Ganga, brings us down into the valley.

Here we camp by the bank of Giri Ganga for the night.

And the smiles all around confirms the success of yet another Himalayan voyage!  

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