Monday, May 2, 2011

The Himalayan life

A thick veil of snow on incredibly high mountains and difficult lifestyle, unveils an impressive Himalayan culture, which  revals the true essence of Himachal Pradesh. Nurtured since unknown times by the harshness of the weather, difficult topography and complete isolation, people here had been associated with prominent Hindu God and dotted with more than 1020 years old monasteries still preserves rich Buddhist culture in these feebly populated pockets of Trans-Himalayas.   

Driving on NH-22 further north of Shimla, one enters the stunningly beautiful valleys of Kinnaur and Spiti which provides Himachal Pradesh its name and character. A short photo presentation reflects the difficult however enormously rich lifestyle of these heavenly abode from Himalayas!

Himalayan welcome!

The window of life.


Jule Ji. 

 School days.

Speed 5 km/hr.

Himalayan expert - Mamti!

 Ring - a - ring - a - roses.......

Dancing with the Gods!

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