Saturday, May 30, 2009

Into Kinnaur valley - April 2006

Himalayan journeys April 2006

Christ Church, Shimla.

One of the oldest church in north India.

The Mall, Shimla.

The British nostalgia.

Kufri hills.

View of Shali peak, one of the highest in Shimla.

Hatu peak, Narkanda.

Crested with temple dedicated to local goddess and 360 degrees of panorama.

Kotgarh, from Hatu peak (3400mts.)

One of the major apple growing belt of India.

Admiring a stunning panorama of Himalayan ranges.

Hansbeshan range, is the closest Himalayan range visible from Hatu peak

A knowledgeable guide is recommended to make your Himalayan voyage a memorable one.

Being a part of middle Himalayan range, it snows till April also.

Sutlej river, carving its way down to the plains of Punjab.

A pre-Himalayan river originating form Tibet.

Sarahan, known for its Bhimakali temple complex.

Enroute Old Hindustan Tibet Road.

Local vegetarian cuisines delicious in the Himalayan countrysides.

A temple on a cliff top and below flows Sutlej River.

The course of Sutlej river has been diverted for hydro-electric projects in the valley.

River crossing to reach school!

A bridge on Sutlej river.

Lunch break.

A hydro-electric project on Sutlej river at Karcham, a bifurication to the left opens into Baspa valley

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