Monday, September 15, 2008

A Safari through 'the great silk route & 'old Hindustan Tibet road'.

A pictorial presentation of a safari into little Tibet.

Beas, flowing down with its glacial waters
weawing Shawl is the major industry in Kullu valley

Poplar and Cedar pine forest on the left bank of Beas river in Manali
Rahala waterfalls on the way to Rothang pass
A glacier on the right bank of Chandra river, on the way to Kunzum pass from Manali

'Chandertal' - the moon lake.

Upto Kunzum pass.

Kunzum pass. Elevation - 4551mts. from mean sea level.

Losar village - the first permanent settelment after Manali.

Dunes formed by glacial erosion

Approaching Kaza, the divisional headquarter of Spiti

A gorge at Kibber village

Kibber village

Traditional mud houses at kibber village

Fresh snow fall at Pin valley

A diverse alpine flora can be seen in Pin valley

A ropeway is the common way of getting to the other side of Pin river

Kungri monastery in Pin valley

Its me on the right and my friend Jacob at Kungri monastery

A lamp being lit up by using yak butter

Leaving Pin valley

Top floor of Dhankar monastery

A gorge on the way to Nako village

Sumdo, police check post

Maling gorge

Nako village, with fresh snow covered Himalayas in the background

A life in safe hands..........

A traditional house at Nako village

A drive down to Khab

Khab, the confluence of Satluej and Spiti river

A valley bridge being built at Spello

Goddess Bhima Kali temple at Sarahan

Palace of Maharaja of Bushair Province

Sarasawati, the goddess of knowledge

Enterance of the Bhima Kali temple and end of our tour


Jhangora said...

Lovely Pics Sir...Thanx a lot...

Disha said...

Mind blowing images.... thankx fr showing the life whr I always longed to go. Amazing.... words are less to appreciate your images....

Anonymous said...

Sanju bhai..thank u for putting my pics in yr blog. reminds me of Rekha again in Mud village hahahahaha